Dave the Wavw Swim Pictures


Eric M

I just wanted to second all the great comments floating around about
the 4th annual swim with Dave the Wave. Best Ever!!! I like
cruisinf down river with the tunes blasting. My son had friends to
play with and that gave me time to play myself (special thanks to
Marty and Carly and Nick and Sandy for all the help there!!!).

On Saturday my Godfather joined the group. Joe is a fairly well know
photographic artist in Chicago and New York. He works full time in
the creative deparment of a local add agency. Anyone who watchers TV
has seen his commercials. Over Saturday he took a little over 12
rolls of film. He was with the newspaper photographer so he has
pictures similar to those in the paper. After our stop in Byron he
was in my car and there are a lot of nice car to car shots. He's
currently working through them and I plan to look over he entire lot
late in the week.

Joe's happy to provide low resolution scans (suitable for web
posting) at no charge. Once I get them i may suggest some shots that
folks might want nice copies of. I'm working up a price list but
Joes is pretty reasonable. More after I see them.

(Naturally I'm having some nice ones blown up for Dave & Margie, Nick
and Sandy and Marty & Caryl for all the help I got from them during
the weekend).

Thanks again for a great weekend!!!!

Eric & Nik