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I just saw that you have plans for some type of swim-in in IL, where
at a corn field? All kidding aside, do we need to put some kind of
nurf bars on front of our Amphis to mow down the corn, no seriously
now really all kidding aside, will you be giving out rotors too?

If you are planning something, will you please supply the dates and
places so we can join you, I still have a few adult beverages rolling
around the back of the van left over from Lake Geneva last summer, I
will gladly share them with you.


Mike Echemann

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<font face="Arial" size="2">Don't look now but there seems to be another Dave the Wave lurking about. Check out this web site? </font>
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<font face="Arial" size="2">PS: I installed one of Hughs muffler kits today. He has a few mufflers in stock which he claimed were superior quality imported from Holland. It is really nice and quite. Get one if you need an exhaust, it's heavy duty and easy to intall.</font>
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I thought all the evidence was destroyed oh well it was that duck in
steves car that made us do it

Dennis Witthun

To All Made the pilgrimage to Dave the wave's this weekend, to pick up some quarter panels. Nice!Part, spent several hours with Dave, probably could have spent several days talking amphicar. Dave was very helpfull with the barage of questions I had on amphicar. Cant wait to see the new shop! Keep up the good work Dave, Your an asset to the amphicar community. thanks again Dennis Witthun