Dave the host with the most wave



What a great time we had fom floating down river to seeing Ronald
Reagens boyhood home.
We arrived Friday and went for a swim right away Phyllis was a little
nervous going out by ourselves(the Stump incident still haunts me
with her) but in we went and down to this great bar on the river I
told Phyllis that this had to be one of daves bars as they only
served old style :cool: then we went out to Daves estate and as we were
driving to the beautiful town of Settle everyone kept waving at us
thinking we were dave out for a cruise. We then met up with Nick
and Sandy and Dave and Margie and went to a Little Mexican restaurant
in Settle next to the corn bins and had some great food and

The next day was great the sun was shining and amphi fellowship was
every where. As we were talking Chuck told us that he never was in an
amhpi and has never taken his new one in the water and this was his
very first time. So I grabbed him and said lets go get wet and off
he went I was real proud of him as the current was pretty rough even
for an experianced driver and he showed no fear going in. Of course
when he seen me start picking things off the floor in the rear of the
car and putting them on the back seat and asked why and I told him
his door was gushing in and not to worry until the water was around
his ankles he kind of wanted to go in right away but I talked him
into staying out and getting used to water coming into the car and
how it steered. We came out and Tom and Wayne fixed the door and I
tackeled the Bilge pump that was not working we got it to go everynow
and then and Chuck was confident enough to go back in and start
swimming like a pro. I forget the pleasure of the first time and was
glad to see the enthusiasim again. He wanted to go everywhere and
even started to do Billy Syx entries after awhile I am sure that him
and Deanna are life long Amphibians and we were glad they were there.

After awhile we took an 8 mile cruise down the Rock River and enjoyed
the sites and we all ate at a little restaurant marina and then
headed back by land for discusion and drinks around the roaring fire
at the rivers edge bar

Great time, Great conversation,great swimming look forward to next

Thanks Dave and Margie