Dave Chapmans bushing-rotation advice!

Jon March

I recall a wise suggestion last year from the Chapmans:
Put a red dot (or Dremel-scribe a mark) on the round flangeplate of the 6-bolt axle-tubes to use as a reference Then remove the 6 bolts and rotate the flangeplate 1/6th of a turn (one hole), refresh gasket goop and re-tighten & re grease to "spread out" possible brass bushing oval-wear. Im just not sure if the is a trick to "rotating" them when in-place?! (Often the axle-tubes are seized inside the body tubes if corrosion has swollen the tube interiors!)

These are my rear ones - not proud of them, but i just greased em well and put em back in, with the nicest spots at 12 oclock - where (i think?) the most actual "force" contacts them when operating. Maybe not - maybe its 6 ocolock where they "wear"?..

.....Anyway - With all the other stuff i was learning about- i just didnt have the head to replace em. Maybe in a future year.

Screen shot 2018-11-03 at 1.22.40 AM.png