Dash decals


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Clock, Speedo. Cluster,Fuel and Temp, decal will soon be avalable thanks to Dave M. in Florida
He and a sign place have spent alot of time getting them just right.They are using the same material that they wrap cars in(when there lettered all over).He has the fellow sending samples to me etc.The pic attacted is not them just a dash I have around.
I have no priceing yet but will post as soon as I do.
If your chrome is good and units work this will be good way to make them like new(and you built good model cars as kids)
I always had trouble with those flimsy decals they put in kits.IMG_4289.JPG


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Gord, The one problem with the wraps is that over about 2 years they will fade badly in the sun. Wraps are designed to be temporary and not last long. I would be very concerned that the gages will fade quickly especially with the darker colors they are.


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Samples came in just before the London show, was too busy to talk, Althou they are nice the font is too big on the speedo,
When I get a minute I will take to my own sign man as he says he can to them exact if i give a good sample,which I do have..
This will be a cheaper way of redoing your guages then buying new complete unites, it will also keep your orginal mileage on the speedo.
They are cut out exact and peal and stick. most cars today are kept inside and covered so I think sun and fading will not be that much of an isue.