Daily drivers and paint



> I know lots of people over the pond use there Amphicars on a daily
> basis. I was just wondering if anyone here considers there Amphi as
> primary driver?

Mine is not a daily driver, but I do take her out every week and
sometimes just for a drive and not a swim. Yes, even in the winter
when the rods are clear and dry too. In the last year I put 2600+
miles on the clock and 98+ hours on the meter since March (after I
installed hour meter). I swim at night a lot too. This is why I added
red back lights to the gauges that activate with the marine lights.

Paint her any color you like! Keep in mind the extra work involved in
stripping it COMPLETLY. As far as I know there is no correlation
between S/Ns and car colors. The maintenance manual suggests there
may be though. In several places it states changes occured for
red/green cars after S/N XXXXXX and green/blue cars after S/N XXXXXX.
I believe white/blue cars were built in one building and green/blue
cars in another.

Gords 1/4 panel plugs are a great idea (factory should have done it),
but my personal opinion of filling the space is that is not such a
good idea. If and when the filler seperates (it will eventually) from
the surface, it creates a place for debis and water to collect and
start the fire we call rust. Install the plugs to be sure it's
drained, don't fill the space with anything but air. It's your call.

I still need clear pictures of a large bilge plug hole and above the
wheel well mounted heater.

Rocky MOuntain Amphicar
WTB - Horn assy - L headlight eyebrow (presentable used is OK)