Custom made Mermaid Tails


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Custom made Mermaid Tails. OK, this is the real deal these are Circus / Disney quality. If you ever wanted to get some real tails this is your chance.
This guy makes the Mermaid tails they use, and swim at "World Famous Weeki Wachee Springs" These are as real as they get. Unbelievable quality and endless color and fabric combinations.
He makes Merman Tails too, if that's your cup of tea.
He calls himself a "Mertailor" this is all he does, Mermaid custom tails only.
I met a Glass Eater a couple months ago....Honest, a glass eater. Makes me ponder which is the most unusual career. Most of us have at least heard of a glass eater, but did you ever hear of a Mertailor? His contact info is and
Give his some encouragement if nothing else, later Tommy in Tampa</font>



Once again you never dissapoint! Always finding the strange and
unique items that I lust after! My friend is going to an antique bike
show today. He is actively looking for your 3 wheeler. We'll find one!

John Bevins