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Ed Price

OK, it is a sad commentary on life in Cuba, but I had to post this AP
bulletin about amphibious vehicle activity.

Cubans Found On Pickup Converted To Boat

POSTED: 9:30 a.m. EDT July 24, 2003

MIAMI -- A dozen Cuban migrants are back in Cuba after converting a 1951
Chevy pickup into a boat and trying to reach the United States. The Coast
Guard says it spotted the migrants earlier this month. They had made it to
within 40 miles of the Florida coast before being discovered. The truck was
sunk by the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard says a propeller attached to the drive shaft of the green
pickup was pushing it along at about eight miles an hour. It was kept afloat
by empty 55-gallon drums attached to the bottom as pontoons.

Migrants have been founds on rafts or small boats made out of refrigerators,
bathtubs, surfboards and inner tubes, but the truck is considered unique.

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El Cajon
67 Rust Guppy

I won't keep you. I don't know the years of Chevy trucks, but our
paper called it a 1947. I'll presume you know them better and it was '51. A 47
51 passenger car I could tell the difference. I know many of the nuances
between 49, 50, 51 and 52. Vic

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