Crusty has come home!


Randy Tusone

Minimal damage, at least that is how it seems so far.
It had two flat tires due to wheels being bent and it
also had some dents in the sides. Billy also thinks
there may be a problem with a strut. None of this
surprises us after it being out there for over a week.
We're glad no one destroyed it while it sat out
there. People in kayaks and canoes could get to it
fairly easily.

BTW, the Lambertville PD did not like Bill. As he was
leaving a light turned yellow just as he reached it
and a cop give him a ticket for it. He would have had
to slam on the brakes to stop. I think they're pissed
that they couldn't find something to charge him with.
After all, he didn't break any laws by being generous
and giving people rides. However, he did
inconvenience them and they HAD to do something to him
for that.

I just hope MY car insurance doesn't go up because of
this. If it does, he will have to pay the extra.

Hopefully, the insurance will cover the $4500 for the
actual rescue. However, his expenses in this endevour
have been significantly higher than that. He spent an
additional $2000 trying to get it out before finding
Sea Hunt. All contributions to the "save crusty fund"
will be used to offset those other expenses.



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