Creative Cuban migrants halted by the Coast Guard

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This article came from today's Miami Herald news.
I believe they were just trying to make it to Celina.
check it out the pictures are great.

Creative Cuban migrants halted by the Coast Guard


KEY WEST - Over the past four decades, Cubans desperate to reach the United
States have crossed the perilous Florida Straits in just about anything that
floats: Surfboards. Inner tubes. Homemade rafts.

But it's hard to top the latest entrant in the maritime scramble: a 1951
Chevy flatbed truck.

The green truck, tires still on, was mounted on a pontoon made of 55-gallon
drums. The makeshift vessel even sported a propeller, attached to the truck's
drive shaft.

It was cruising along at a leisurely 8 mph, with a driver behind the wheel,
when it was spotted by a U.S. government plane 40 miles south of Key West on
July 16.

Cameron Hintzen, supervisor for the U.S. Border Patrol in the Keys, has seen
his share of Cuban contraptions that have made the crossing. But Hintzen, who
saw photos of the truck at sea, called it ``the most creative vessel I have
seen so far.''

Ingenuity, however, didn't translate to success. The U.S. Coast Guard took
the dozen Cubans aboard the truck back to the island last weekend.

The Coast Guard, calling the truck a ''hazard to navigation,'' sank it.

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