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Bill Connelly

<< So if anyone has any tips
for any such places anywhere roughly east of Celina and north of North
Carolina where a family of four could settle in for a couple of weeks around
the end of July-beginning of August, we'd love to hear about it. >>
Hey Bilgey,
Please let me knl=ow if you find anything as you desribed. With two little
ones of my own (ages 3 & 5), that just might be the ticket for the Gould
to actually attend our first Celina event.


Roger Wilco. So far a couple of folks have suggested a place called "Deep
Creek Lake" in western Maryland. There's a website at with links to lodgings and accomodations
searches. There or a place somewhere on Grand Lake St. Marys (not
necesarrily in Celina, just on the Lake) would suit us fine. Another great
option for us might be anywhere in New England. I've got family in Boston
and Boothbay Harbor, Maine that would love to see the kids, especially their
Great-Grandmother, so anywhere within a few hours drive of either place
would be equally desired. We're not fancy, so pretty much any cottage would
do. If I hear or book anything I'll be sure to let you know, and I hope
you'll do likewise. It might be fun to have a couple of Amphis and all the
kids on a nice lake somewhere for a week or two, yes?

This year the Club Board will likely try to arrange for the use a sort of
cabin-filled campsite near Celina that we've heard of for 2003, but which
was already booked for this year. As the Swim-Ins grow in attendance and
lodging opportunities get tighter and tighter, renting this campsite might
be a great solution.