couple of things


David Derer

Investors hoping prices go up, others hoping for economic collapse for
personnal gain. Sounds like the World in a nut shell. Since the day I
can start to remember this life has been one of change and price
increases. I hope the price of an Amphicar stays up. Why? Competition. I
love the idea of driving and floating and there was really only one
choice (or home made) . So now We are on the verge of new amphibious
machines being produced and sold. A rust free, air conditioned, power
brake amphibian, Power to the people! ...... What about current pricing?
I think prices will probably dip a little. Why? Because as people buy
higher end cars and they begin to fail. The "investor" type will start
to see the true cost of ownership. As We all know that all cars are
"restored" to perfection. And as these "perfect" examples age there will
be a glut of higher priced cars. Will the prices crash into pre 2000
levels? I sure hope not. Later Dave the Wave