Correct dwell angle??



Hey Karl,

Thanks for your very detailed response to the question of dwell angle vs.
point gap....However, I didn't see any mention as just what the equivalent
dwell angle is for a .015 point gap.

Anybody know just what dwell angle I should use?

Thx, Brian Davis
Red '66

Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 21:31:50 -0600
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Subject: Re: Distributor Dwell angle vs. Point gap - Long and boring

Dwell angle is pretty much universally the same for 4-cylinder engines, but
point assembly and distributor cam geometry aren't all the same, so a point
gap of, say, .015" in one type of distributor won't necessarily provide the
same dwell angle in another distributor. But probably close, since the
similarities among brands are greater than their differences. .015" is a
really common point gap for engines, regardless of number of

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