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Hi All,

Post any cool or useful tools here. I will start.

In the past, I have sung the praises of the Motive Power Bleeder which makes bleeding Amphi's brakes a quick one man operation.

While I stand by my claim for the Motiv, I recently picked up something even better from Harbor Freight. It is their Brake Fluid Exchanger kit #92923. I think this may be discontined in their catalog but they still have them in the stores. At one point I think they were close t0 $300 but I picked one up for current price of $79 and added a 20% coupon as found in Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, or tons of other magazines.

This is basically a clone of much more expensive pressure bleeders. It comes with a full set of adapter for just about any vehicle on the road. Have not tried it on Amphi yet but it worked great on the '68 Vista Cruiser. Did two wheels at a time in a matter of minutes.

Note that unlike the Motive, this one does require a compressed air feed.

Anyway, here is a link to the manual. Well worth picking up one while they are still in stock.

Ron Green