Converting (+) to (-) ground w/alternator


Mike Israel

Another awesome web page by John.

For those who do not want to deal with converting the instrumentation there are
positive ground alternators available. Two sources (I am sure there are others)
12 Volt Positive Ground $74.50 - and they also sell some sort of bracket for


I have not tried this myself yet. It is item #674-b3 on my to-do list.

Mike I.

a_colo_native <> wrote:

I have a page that will detail the steps for converting to (-)
Ground. See ( ) Let me
know if it was useful. I spent a lot of time on it so I may not
notice anything missing or wrong.


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Thanks for the alternator input. I recently changed a Ford from 6 volt
positive to 12 volt negative. Had advice from several about how to handle the
Instrumentation. Most said I should put some resistance into the dash instrument
circuit among other things. One of my knowledeable mechanic friends said
both the change from 6 to 12 volt and the polarity change didn't require
special. Other than reversing the ammeter leads, he was right. The fuel gauge
and temperature gauge and oil gauge all work fine and required no resistance
stuck in. I don't know why not, but he had done the same to his car and told
me it caused no problem. The radio and/or clock would not work on 12 if
designed for 6 volts, but the dash instruments are apparently unaffected. I
dealt with the clock issue yet, so it is unconnected. Even the starter is the
original 6 volt. I know of many who have made the 6 to 12 positive to negative
switch and made no change to the starter. With the 12 volts negative where, as
Fords, they had been 6 volt positive, they start like bandits after the
change and the reversed polarity has no effect on the starter working. It might
very well break the Bendix spring at some point, but that is simple enough to
replace. Of course changing from 6 to 12 absolutely requires changing to a 12
volt alternator or generator and the advantages of the alternator over the
generator make the choice a no brainer unless one is trying to retain the
"original" appearance in which case the generator needs to be rewound or
replaced with
a 12 volt in the same case.. Vic "Splash" Nelson

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Thanks John
(re the positive to neg conversion).

I'll look it up the site you listed. Leaving for 2 days now so when I
get back. Can you comment on my post about having changed a Ford (as a mechanic
friend also did) from 6 pos to 12 negative and put in a 12 volt neg alternator
with no dificulty. I am puzzled why it required no resistance stuck in or
other additions. I am pretty sure you know a lot more about these things than I
do (which is a big understatement). I would have been certain, in advance, that
the heat gauge and fuel sender wouldn't work without some changes. Just
puzzled. Vic

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