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Glad to hear you are doing well. Question about your conv. tops. Do they come with full webbing and instructions like Gordons?

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Looking over the Class. section undere my adds,
All the prices are out of date and need to be deleteted.
Todays prices can be found at (AMPHICAR CANADA)
or click on add at top of this page,

Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
Convertable tops.
std amphicar tops in black or white with replacement webbing
instructions can be sent by email
Getting out of rehab special, If I get enogh orders will sell for $335.00 including Shipping.
Cloured std tops in many colours are aval for $40.00 more.. I have a tan one on my green car.
Mordern soft material tops(top Gun) are about $200.00 more and come in many colours.
I have a red one on my white car and a bright blue one on my blue car.
They are very nice and easyer to put up and down.
Rehab is coming along good, wewnt up and down stairs today and this afternoonmj will be in a pool.
Hope to be home by weekend but will be on the mend still for a few months.