Convention Tech Sessions


Ed Price

Did anything ever come of my request that the Celina tech session information be
publicized to all members? Maybe while the memories are still fresh, a few of
the attendees might be able to post about one or two of the specific issues


El Cajon

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Hi Ed,

Since I was the one that ran the tech session I guess I should be the
one to respond. The problem with the Sunday tech session was that it
was a hands on demonstration on Electrical troubleshooting with alot
of questions and going thru the steps of how to find problems that we
all seem to have at one time or another. We have discussed as a board
video taping this session but alas I don't think it was done this
year maybe we can get someone to volunteer next year and do thisfor
an archive or something we can sell or rent out to members what do
you all think?

On the Saturday tech session it is more of a discussion about every
aspects of the amphicar we bring in a great panel usally Billy
Syx,Dave the Wave ,Hugh Gordon, Paul Rassmussen ( who lived in germay
and is a member of the German amphicar club and brings us a wealth of
info from over the pond) Dave Chapman(although he did not make it
this year) Roger Salee and great input from the crowd on everything
fromClutch chatter to what serial number means what. We should also
video this.

But truly the best way to see these is to come to Celina but I
uderstand that there are circumstances where you can't so we will try
next year to acomidate the members that don't come.

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