Congratulations Mark & Becky!!!

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Congratulations Mark & Becky!!!
It is indeed a joyous occasion when a
new amphibian joins our fold. As you
are probably well aware... Amphi loves
babies and babies love Amphi. It seems
to be an intrinsic natural phenomenon -
that both Amphi and babies love the water.
And of course we all look forward to seeing
pictures of young Elisse Brieann in the best
cradle on the planet - that which is none other
than Amphi. The water gently rocking Amphi
side to side and Elisse Brieann so peacefully
sleeping away to the drone of the bilge pump.
And by the way Mark... check between the fingers
and toes every few months after the first Amphi
outting - the webbing will soon appear. Gonna
miss ya at Celina, but you can be sure I'll down
a few frosty amber ales in your honor.

Amphipoda (Celina on my mind)
`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA