condolences to Margie or Happy 29th Wedding Anniversary

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
Crazy this could of happened. Its got to be the Amphicar. So danged small inside you just got to get along!! Happy Anniversary Margie Wave !!! From Moochie Wave


Amphicar Expert
This is not the place for social news,,,BTW... at the London Ont. mini Amphicar meet I will be 60 plus 2 days Hint Hint hint
I like Vinilla Cake... In 2 years it will Joanna and I's 40th.. how dose she put up with me?
There should be at least 13 amphicar at Steve Plunketts Charity Car show.
From Far away,,, Inna's coming.Ron T(pic) is coming.Herb D. and the gang from Mich. Yea!!!!!!!! Herb called says 22 more sleeps
We work hard at this show but have alot of fun too.Fleetwood Country Cruise June 1010 013.jpg


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