Gord Souter

I sent a reply to the mag.
but did not mention the slow speed but that is exactly what I was thinking
too John.
Nice story Frank but the frame for the windshields must have been available
back then as I have TWO in stock that I got from 2 different dealers I
bought out.
One is still wrapped in the shipping cardboard.

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<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE="2" PTSIZE="10" FAMILY="SANSSERIF" FACE="Arial Rounded MT Bold" LANG="0">Hi Gord,

I should have said, I couldn't locate one at the time. I also needed windshield, conv. top mech, rear fin moldings etc. Soooo, it seemed like a plan back 33 years ago. Who would have thought they would have lasted this long back then?

Well, that's hindsight.

I'll try to dig out the pictures and tell the story of how I bought the last two cars.


PS Try to stay warm up there.</font>
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