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Comfortably Cool in Fort Lauderdale


Joel Stewart

Sorry to hear that Bill Connelly is suffering in the heat. We've got AC in
our '64 Amphi. It's a must in Florida, and enables us to drive to social
engagements like weddings in formal attire, or to arrive at the workplace in
business clothes in dry and refreshed, even on the hottest, sultriest days.
Even cruising South Beach along the strip on Saturday night at the amazing
speed of .5 miles per hour is comfortable with AC. The compressor is
attached to the engine with a separate belt; the evaporator is near the
radiator, with extra fans for cooling; and the air handler is in the engine
compartment. Hoses run under the floorboards to the front of the car. On/off
and fan controls are located discretely under the glove box. Since we don't
need winter heating in Florida, we hooked up the flow and return of cool air
through the heat ducts. Overheating could be a problem, so we ordered a new
radiator from Hugh, which made an amazing difference, and added extra fans
at strategic points in the engine compartment. Of course our car is negative
and provides plenty of power through the alternator. The only other problem
is to keep the car airtight where the windows seal to the convertible top,
otherwise all that cool air would be lost through leaks. We hope to have all
these problems resolved in time for Mount Dora next March and we'll
definitely be back to Celina in 2002 (already reserved a room at the Holiday
Inn). -- Joel Stewart, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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