Come to Mt Dora

Tommy in Tampa

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Just thought I could show you all that Spring has sprung here in the Sunshine State. This was taken today. Mt Dora will be better than ever this year. Come check it out. You will be glad you did.:dft003:
Tommy in Tampa


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Canadian four amphs

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Ok this seams to be the only place I can post and even here only 50%..
\Dave I do have floor mats..

Last mesage was a test as most are lost after all the typing so messages will be short till this is figured out.

Tommy in Tampa

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Since that red car is at my place I don,t think it was taken yesterday but flowers.. ok. Gord

Gord you need to come in out of the cold for a while. You must forget I have two red Amphicars and a blue one too. One red car is in the north country but the other, the one in the pictures, swims here most everyday. Why would you doubt me.