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I know your out there, tell us what your up to. even if its nothing.
2 members 10 visters right now!
I stripped the Glass car down again, taking out to get the frame blasted.front pic . att.
pushed in another to let it Thaw out. see if it will start when it gets up to shop temp.
bought a car to dive to Fl. today, suppose to get 50 mpg.Toyota Prius 05
sold the motor home it got 6 mpg,


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After four years of work my 62 beachwhite is now ready to swim. When the salt from winter is away from the road i will test her. We are now working on interior with two different types of welded seams exactly reproducing the original. We had to make the tools for high frequency welding, and the first prototype looks good.


Strandweiss 62 side.jpgStrandweiss 62 front.jpg

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