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Larry & Nancy Solheim

Having left Mt Vernon in snow and ice, getting stuck
in Vancouver (no chains) due to lots of snow and ice
going into Portland, driving down the
Oregon/California coasts in rain ........ we launched
this afternoon in Parker, Az (south of the dam, south
of Lake Havasu) for a glorious swim! Wearing shorts
and at about 74 degrees we travelled a couple of miles
down the river, then headed back north and stopped at
the Roadrunner floating bar. Amphi was a hit and the
bartender bought Nancy & I a couple of beers. We ran
into some folks we had seen in 2002 and they invited
us back to the Red Rocks campground for drinks and
dinner. We finished up with a wonderful moonlight
cruise back down the river to the LaPaz County Park.
So maybe winter is not so bad after all!

Amphi was of concern for the 2 nights we spent in the
desert at Joshua Tree Nat'l Park. Several people
thought perhaps we had advance knowledge of a strange
weather event.

--Larry, Nancy & Amphi

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