Cold winter swim...

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Yesterday afternoon as we drove past our favorite ramp, we noticed the
water was open and clear of ice, we thought about going home and
driving Amphi back for a swim. After thinking this through carefully,
we thought how our hands would freeze off while drying her off and
more convincing to not go swimming was the thought that the ramp may
be iced up and we couldn't get back out, now wouldn't that be fun,
call a wrecker from the cell phone, in the water and tell them we need
our car pulled out of the water, I can just see it now. Amphi will
spend the winter in her warm garage with the cats chasing the mice
away. We will wait till next spring.

Marty & Caryl
BUOYANT '64 Turq, in WI with a LOT of snow and more coming down now.