Cold beverage


David Derer

hanks so much for your saggy top insight. I found it most refreshing. I
though my frame was narrow, at the same time I did not think that was
possible. I'll put a new top on at the time I widen the frame. To bend
bars is a GREAT idea. I may remove the old top then try to heat and bend
bar without disconnecting it.
Now this is how the should work. Let me
my hat to you for your effort.
Tommy in Tampa - White 64 - Snappy (smiling)

Does this mean I get the cold beverage of my choice at Celina? (smiling
too) . As For Mt Dora it is great. And as Gord goes ,He is one of those
people that just make you smile the first moment you meet him. I
promised Margie I would not go there with out her. But what if I just
happened to be on high way hitch hiking to ,lets say the store for milk,
and Gord just happened to pick me up? Hmmm. Later Dave the Wave