David Derer

Scott I received my coin and it is great. Put me on a list for a second
one. I highly recommend this. It will make a great gift and is a great
deal at seven bucks delivered. I know it would of been a sell out if
ready for Celina. I want to recommend to board to include a order spot
on next years registration. Later Dave the Wave

I agree I also recieved one and the detail was great great great. You
can use this for a variety of things like taking the group photo
blowing it up and using 2 coins one front view on back view and put
it in the matting of a picture.

Present it to special people that ride in your car

Buy a hundred of them and throw out in parades


<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">scott have not recived info for ordering coin please e-mail to me at so i can send $ thanks jay plum 67</font>
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