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(CNN- Reuters) -- Aquatic auto mission is now
two fold - delivery and rescue!

Preparations are under way for the launch of an
Amphicar 770 on April 28 from the Amphipoda
Mission Control Center (AMCC), San Diego.
The mission is scheduled to last 3 to 4 hours.

The Amphi will carry a three-member crew to
deliver a Mexican-built glass cylinder containing
premium aged Tequila to the Floating Island
Research Sanctuary (FIRS). AMCC calls it a
"Tres Generation Tequila, similar to, but more
potent than top shelf brands commonly consumed."

In the second part of the mission, the Amphi crew
will pick up an ailing member of the FIRS team
that is no longer able to function due to traumatic
hair loss. Professor Roland Rogaine PhD, has been
suffering from excessive hair loss for several months
now and has requested emergency evacuation from
the FIRS facility to seek a hair transplant operation.
AMCC calls this "The mission of mercy aspect of
the journey."

The Amphicar 770 is a specially designed vehicle
that has both land and water capability. It is out
fitted with twin nylon screws and delivers an incredible
43 horsepower at top speed. According to AMCC,
"When it moves, it will be unlike anything seen before
on the water." The importance of this mission cannot
be overstated. By successfully delivering the Tequila
and rescuing the ailing FIRS member, the Amphicar
will garnish much needed publicity for future funding.
Sources close to CNN and Reuters have disclosed
unconfirmed reports indicating possible US military
applications of the Amphicar 770 in surveillance
along the coast line of China.

`64 Turquoise
Sandy Eggo, CA