clutch stuck ?

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Good evening,

I'm sorry to bother again but it seems that my amphibian is not going so well. The problem seems to be with the clutch, no matter how hard I ajust the cable and press the pedal the arm doesn't move very much. My question : is the little arm suppost to go all the way in the groove when you press the clutch?

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Your clutch cable should have 3/4 inch of movement from pedal up to pedal on the floor. If you don't get that amount of cable movement, that triangle piece is in wrong or the clutch cable is stretching (i.e. shot). I don't see how a messed up pressure plate would alter that measurement. I'm the guy who makes the High Performance clutches.

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Thanks for the answers guys! I'll check those out, I only hope that the water contamination didn't cause any major problem...