Clutch pedal is fixed - must find new way to exercise left leg!

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Well I took Dr. Gordon's suggestion and flipped the clutch linkage triangle
cam piece under the floor around 180 degrees.

Clutch pedal effort went from 'grab on to the steering wheel and push' to a
nice soft pedal effort. Only problem now is wife will want to drive the
car all the time. High clutch pedal effort dampened her enthusiasm for the
car previously. Might have to keep an eye out for another car for me now
(what a problem to have). See what you have done Hugh (kidding)

Again, thanks Hugh - does this mean I will have to find another leg weight
training device with the clutch totally fixed? Left leg was getting
significantly more muscled out than the right - big problem you know,
special pants for the left leg, left shoe sole wearing out faster than
right, etc.

Red '62
Rambling around in Rochster (MI)

P.S. Saw a '68 motorized surf board on eBay - would this be fun to have
behind the A-car?


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At sometime in this cars past someone had the clutch pedal linkages, under the toe board floor, apart and when he reassembled the car he installed two triangle pieces incorrectly. This messes up the leverage that the clutch pedal has and caused his heavy clutch pedal problem.

John Friese
67 White
67 Red

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