Clutch cables, cleaning props, nut wrench size, release bearings



1. Improved Clutch Cables
Changing a clutch cable used to be an all day job: pulling the toe
board out, bending tabs, and coaxing the cable pin out. What a
neck, back straining exercise. Our new cable has a removable front
cable fork. It works like this. Instead of the toe board fork
being crimped onto the cable, we supply the cable with a threaded
end which screws into the new fork. Install the fork piece once,
and the next time your cable breaks, simply unscrew the old cable
from the already installed fork, and screw in the new cable. Cost
is $51.41 each and is available now.

2. Cleaning Propellers
I use carburetor cleaner to remove all the old grease. Next, apply
a new over the counter spray paint by Krylon called "Fusion" in
Dover White color. It bonds with plastics and polymers and will not
rub off. I've got a black experimental resin propeller on my 1500
engined Amphicar, and the Fusion - Dover White is still perfect
after two seasons.

3. Solid Axle Nut Size
I believe it's a 36mm wrench, and there is a close inch size also.
You may have to grind the face of the wrench jaw, making it thin
enough so it will not overlap on the second nut. If you can't
locate a wrench here's an old trick I used in my early Amphicar
days. Glue a couple of scrap narrow metal pieces to the INSIDE
nut. Put the assembly with the INSIDE nut in a vise, leaving enough
space so you can get any kind of socket, wrench, etc. on the outer

4. Carbon Release Bearings
We now offer an improved carbon release bearing kit. Included with
the original carbon bearing is a clutch alignment tool and two
original bearing clips. See the picture in our current special.
Many owners replace the transmission shaft bronze bushing in the end
of the crankshaft when renewing the release bearing. (We all want
to prevent clutch vibration. Even a slightly worn 1-03-09 bushing
is a prime candidate for problems.) In order to renew the bushing,
the clutch must be removed. The included alignment tool ensures the
transmission and engine will slide together effortlessly without
damage to the clutch parts. The complete kit (2-15-68C Kit) is only
$13.95. It's also wise to replace the "turkey neck" seal 2-16-04,
right behind the release bearing. Be sure to "stake" it in place.