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C. J. Could it be the hose clamp hitting the tunnel? You gotta grind the
hose clamp down and cut the tail short if you use big ones. Hugh sells
smaller ones and he even grinds them. Tommy in Tampa

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Betty Anne and/or David Field

>I have replaced both drive axels and clutch (both needed it). I get a
>sound like something is loose clunking inside. It only happens when
>in 3rd or 4th and you are decelerating (clutch out). I also get these
>clunking sounds when water drive and land drive are engaged. It
>sounds like something in the diff. What should I look for to maybe
>diagnose it?

Sounds like worn universal joint(s) to me. Put car in gear, jack up rear
of car and gently rotate each wheel back and forth (Have someone hold
opposite wheel steady), there should be no or very little play. If
universal is worn you will notice the wear by the excess play (slack) when
you change direction of rotation. Repeat for other wheel. One of my
universals flew apart several years ago and smashed a large hole in the
tunnel and chipped the flange the rubber boot attaches to on the the
tranny. This was a miserable repair job to carry out. Good luck Dave


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