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David Derer

Engine mount too low or mushy. When You take off axle hits tunnel. Pull
boot off and look for marks. Backing plate for brakes could be loose. **
How did Capt. Crunch flip Amphi?!!. Later Dave the Wave

<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font COLOR="#0080ff" SIZE="2" PTSIZE="10" FAMILY="SANSSERIF" FACE="Arial Rounded MT Bold" LANG="0">Hi Dave,

While traveling at 50 mph on a two lane country highway, I noticed a line of vehicles stopped in the opposite lane with the lead vehicle having it's left turn signal on.

When I was approximately 150' from this lead vehicle, the driver, an eighty-four year old male, decided to make his turn into his driveway right in front of me.

I hit the brakes and swerved to avoid hitting him broadside (and wrecking my Amphi) and slid 100' on the front tires and found myself facing the next vehicle that was stopped behind him. I swerved back to my lane, avoided a head-on collision and started to slide broadside to the road when the Amphi just up and flipped over on it's roof. The sides didn't even get scratched. Needless to say, the convertible top assembly, rear fins, and winshield frame will not support an Amphi when upside-down.

This was over 30 years ago. I purchased three more Amphicars right after this incident as the insurance company paid me dearly for the repairs. The first of the three I purchased (white 64) I cannibalized for the w/s frame as it was not available anywhere. Finally stripped it of all the good "stuff" and hauled it to the scrap yard. Looking back, this was a Dumb Move eh?

Still have the other three. Yellow, Blue, & Green.

Frank, in Connecticut

Picture to follow soon.</font>
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