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Looking over the club website this morning I noticed more and more
detail than I was aware of. Maybe I should visit more often and look
at all the links. I gotta tell you guys and gals, this is one super
nice site. We amphi owners are in the big leagues when it comes to a
web site and the entire internet thing. A big thanks should go out
to Bill Connelly aka: Bildgemaster for putting us there (or above)
with the big boys. Add to that all the excellent members sites and
you've got web amphi Heaven.
Big Thanks,

Bill Connelly

Attention Web Toed Horde:

For at least the past 24 hours or so as of right now, Friday evening, the
Club website's service provider seems to be have been experiencing some
technical difficulties, probably with their DNS lookup servers that help
point visitors to the site under its " " name.

Until they patch up whatever's busted, folks who need to can still access
the site under its alternate address:, though
some of the links in the texts might get choppy. If you come across any
non-working links, just substitute "" for "",
and it should all should pop together fine.


Michael Echemann

Guys and Gals:
From time to time I look at our club site and I am amazed at the quality.
Lets give another big thanks to the Bilgemaster and all the other members
who have put so much time into building such a usefull and fun site. I am
by no means a "webmaster" but I know this must take considerable time and
effort to keep current and up to date. We are lucky to have so much talent
at work for us. Top Notch!

Thanks for all the hard work.

Mike & Chris