Club Website, etc.


Bill Connelly

Following on my posting to this List a few days back, please be advised that
the Club's website at is once again fully operational.

Last week's problems with disappearing navigation buttons, the inability to
log in to the "Members Only Area" and so on were caused by our service
provider's upgrading to new servers. To their credit, they DID forewarn me
by email as site manager that some rough waters might lay ahead, and the end
result is that now that these minor annoyances have been overcome the site
really does seem to load "snappier"...even for a humble home dialup user
like me.

Although it uses the same service provider, the site was not
impacted by the server upgrade, probably since it is a structurally "less
complicated" site, relying less on special proprietary visual effects and
other programs.

So why not drop in at the Club's website at and its
shamefully promiscuous sister site at In particular, see
the several new Classified Ads now on the clubsite.

And a reminder: Tomorrow, October 15th, is the deadline for Classified Ads
to appear in the November issue of the Club Newsletter, so if you want your
ads to appear in both the upcoming Newsletter and on the web, you'd better
get them in to RIGHT NOW!