Club Website Enhancements


Bill Connelly


In response to popular request, namely Cap'n John's erudite suggestions
"off-list", the Club Website now features a few new enhancements:

1. There are now two Club Member Directories in the Members Area accessible
by password at . The first
directory lists Club Members by name, while the second lists everyone by
phone number with area code. This second list should be pretty handy for
planning those improptu get togethers and such...Just scroll on down to your
area code, or other area codes nearby, and fellowship or help are at hand.
Rest assured that since these directories are ensconced in area of the
website accessible only by password, they will not be available to the
general public or spam mongers and their roving webbots.

2. To help folks keep up with changes to the site, there is now a running
list of Website Changes, even minor ones, with the most recent first, at . You can always reach it from the Home
Page by scrolling down to the "Site last updated ... " link near the the
bottom. This will also lead you in the general direction of "Rick's Belly
of the Beast Page", a page-by-page and file-by-file breakdown of the whole
website shebang that I threw together at the request Club Boardmember Rick
Young. It is a nitty-gritty hierarchical listing of ALL of the files and
pages in the Club's website that can be reached by following links from the
Club's homepage, including those Buff Pix of the Bilgemeister wearing only
an eyepatch.

Suggestions for website improvements are always welcome...after all, it's
YOUR Club.