Club Page Makeover and Membership Drive...Er...Swim...

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Bill Connelly, Nov 5, 2000.

  1. Bill Connelly


    Many of you will have already noticed that the International Amphicar Owners
    Club website has been undergoing a thorough reconstruction over at

    After much wrangling and wrestling with some unusually gnarly HTML coding
    into the wee hours, I am pleased to announce that as of late last night it
    is now possible for both US Residents AND also residents of OTHER countries
    to easily join up or renew their 2001 Club Memberships by credit card on
    line with guaranteed security through PayPal. Please visit the Club's
    website, sign up for 2001 and check out some of the other new features now
    available on the site.

    COMING SOON: The "Club Gear" page, the return of the "Club Classifieds" and
    a "Members Only" section featuring "Expert Tech Tips" and "a Q&A section"
    and Newsletter Back Issues"

    And now I'm gonna take a little nap to let the fur on my eyeballs recede...


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