Club Newsletter & Board Election



So how about that latest Amphicar club
newsletter? I guess we just take it for
granted, but I have to say it was another
awesome issue. Try to imagine how much
effort goes into that little publication.
Thanks to Marc and company it goes out
on time every other month with little
fan fair. Mega kudos Marc!
As for the club board election... as my
Dad use to say, "If it ain't broke -
don't mess with it." The Amphicar Club
board & president have served us all
very well over the past few years. I
am very happy they have volunteered to
serve another 2 years. Heaps of behind
the scenes efforts by these guys (and
their lovely Mermaid wives). Thanks
in advance to all who vote to keep the
status quo! Do I hear a second?

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

Cap''n John

>>Do I hear a second?

I senond that! Hear Hear!!

I'm taking the afternoon off to go for a swim in honor of it being 65
today VS the 16 (and snowing) it was this day last week.