Club Gift



Thanks again for a great gift from the club. The board is doing a
great job. Mark thanks for the great newsletter.
ViVa Celina
Mike Bayman

Daniel & Kathy Gibson

Most excellent! After watching it, I drug Kathy out to the garage, and
we pretended to be interviewed in front of our car. Wish I had been

'64 Das Boot with tranny in pieces.

Bill Connelly

OK...Has just about everybody got their year-end Club Members' gift by

Considering the relative pittance that it cost the Club, it's a thoroughly
competent and professional example of film work and editing, and the
soundtrack's always spot on the topic too, isn't it? Clearly, a lot more
went into the production of this work than the usual point, shoot and play,
and I'm not alone in thinking that our "Fearless Leader" Marc should be
hugely commended for getting the project produced. Just to put his success
in perspective, some of you may recall that in 2002 I contacted over 60
midwestern colleges' Film Studies Departments with a Club proposal to send a
crew of their students to film the Celina event for a pretty decent grant of
$1,200, not a bad chunk of change for a weekend's interesting work, but we
received nary a nibble of interest (see ).
No not even one. To me, it makes this film we've now got all the more
remarkable. For those that made the 2003 national gathering of the web-toed
hordes at Celina it'll be a wonderful momento, while for those that couldn't
it will serve as an inspiration to make next year's or to at least
experience it vicariously.

During the closing credits of the film, there is an excerpt from a charging
sort of rock anthem called "I Come from the Water". I'm not normally even a
casual musical "file sharer", but I really wanted to hear the whole thing,
so I tracked it down. Anyone else who'd care to, will find it THIS WEEK
ONLY snuggled away on the server at . I'm pulling it
off the server this Sunday evening, so if you want to hear the whole song,
don't delay. And in case anyone wanted to buy the whole album, new or used,
they'll find it for sale at .

Once again, way to go Prez! Nobody will be recording Mr. Belvedere episodes
over this cassette!