Cleveland National Air and Amphi Show



Ok, there was only one amphi, me, at the Annual Cleveland National
Air Show, so I guess it was not officially an Amphi show, but it was
a great adventure for this Labor Day 2002. After launching from
Edgewater Park into Lake Erie, I swam 1 mile east to the mouth of the
Cuyahoga River where the famed "Flats" are located just up river.

Awsome is how I describe the views from the water of the F-18
fighter jets flying 400 mph a few feet above our car as I bob my way
through the water.

Of course as the amphi arrived up river, the crowds that gathered on
the dockside balconies were delighted to see such a fun vehicle and
were amazed at all of her abilities both on and off water. Cameras
flashed, hands waved and fingers pointed all at the "car boat". Never
minding the multi-million dollar super sonic aircraft buzzing
gaspingly close overhead (appearing as if even they were rubber-
necking for a better view of our floating eye catcher).

Classified as my most "incredible journey yet" I would like to share
some pictures and a vew video clips with you from this fantastic
voyage. Please visit and navigate your way.
The pics are quick to download but the three videos are a bit larger,
however, they really are worth the time to watch!

Again, visit for Air Show & Amphi on Lake

Chris Skeeles
Canton, Ohio
63 Red