Clean up has begun come n get it


I need a new, decent heater- duct hose from under the fuel tank to the passenger outlet, but I suppose the secret is picking the right additional items to justify the freight. Any pricing guidelines?

Good luck with it all! --Larry

ps: the downside of this move is that you (& Margie) will be even FARTHER away

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SOLD SOLD SOLD I am sure Gordons have a heater hose. Maybe a little further but many many more reasons to visit. Thanks,Dave


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Ben, what ya gonna do with all Daves junk.?
Hey not fair, I just got home, No snow in your pics., there's still 2 ft difts in my yard. I spent yesterday digging out some of the piles, and made a 6 ft pile for the grandkids to jump in.Should have stayed in Fl. another week.