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    I doubt water is coming in around the engine vents. I get a little
    water at the front hood seal but not enough to worry about much. The best
    way to tell where the water is coming from is to remove the rear seat and
    watch while you put the car in the water. The leak will probably be
    obvious, but even if you can't see the leak directly, you will see the
    direction water is flowing from. Other club members will suggest putting a
    hose in the car while on land with plug in and checking for leaks
    underneath. I haven't found this as helpful but it is less trouble than
    removing the seat and driving to a ramp.

    Arnold Hite
    Johns Island, SC

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    > Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 14:58:52 EDT
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    > Subject: Water in the bilge
    > Hello, I have a freshly restored Ampi. Went in and out of the water twice,
    > and a total of maybe 5 minutes swimming. Got home, and found @ 1/2 gallon
    > the bilge at the rear. Water was below drain plug level, and below bilge
    > level (I used a wet vac to get out). A little dampness in the hood aea,
    > not enough to have gone down drain tube. Could it have entered rear engine
    > cover vents-I went pretty slow going in- maybe 10mph. What is normal on a
    > fresh resto with new everything? Areas to check? Love our new car, but
    > trying to learn as I can! Thanks! Brian in CA
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