Cheap Amphicar Anyone


Mike Echemann

As was digging up some info for John Bevins I ran across an old letter dated
11/16/64 from the Pepsi-Cola advertising Dept. to all employees. It talks about
he success of their new "Come Alive" Commercials featuring the amphi. It goes
on the describe the amphicar and all of it's options etc. and how all the Pepsi
Distributors were able to buy one at a discount as part of the national
promotion between the companies. A new Amphicar was the grand prize a the 64
New York Bottlers' Conference that year.

Anyway, the purpose of the letter was to let ALL employees know the discounted
Amphi offer was good for everyone in the company on an individual basis. Here
is is:

Base Price: $2975.00
Discount 1200.00
Emp. Price 1775.00

Now that's a Cheap Amphicar.


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