Charlotte Motor Speedway Auto Show


Arnold Hite

I can't remember if I posted this already. The link below is to the
main page of the Charlotte Motor Speedway (now called Lowes Motor Speedway
at Charlotte). Open that page and click near the top for more information
and you will get an idea of the kind of fuss they are making about my
Amphicar at their show next weekend. The marketing people are using photos
of my car to drum up support for the show. For example, instead of cutting
a ribbon at the opening ceremonies they plan a ceremonial filling of the
pool where my Amphicar will be displayed. Four days in the water makes me a
little nervous so I bought an automatic bilge pump just for this show.
There will be 100,000+ people. I know many of you have business
interests related to Amphicars. I figure I'm going to be answering
questions for four days. If you have business cards or small brochures you
would like me to share with serious inquirers I will be happy to do so.
Send me a note off line and I will forward you my mailing address.

Arnold Hite