Cellina 2012


Amphicar Expert
Getting ready to head to the show.Ron has loaded up all my parts in Nh. (about 100 diferent Amphicar parts)including 2 new glass hood ,2 interior kits, a yellow one and a tangerine one. Convetable tops and tonna covers.
,I may bring down a perfect ready to paint steel rear hood see pics posted in classifed
and in used stuff a perfect rust free front hood.a complete rad with all the rad surround.(30-01)
2 water drive shafts,(19-2),2 prop ass(19-1) gas tank(27-1)Oil cooler(39-22)fuse box(33-14)
skid pan(34-10)gas pedal floor(34-7)door glass(36-240door rods(36-9)miss door handles etc.Rear seat spring bottom(47-10)glove box door(47-25)Alot of the used stuf in picture has been sold .IMG_5863.JPG
If you need anything specific email me by the 19th of July and I will see if I can bring it down(may be flying part way) Gord@amphicar.ca