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What are Celina expectations this year? Any guess? I decided to fly in and visit with all my old amphibious buds. Gator Wave


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Dave, I'm glad that you will be there. I'll want to talk to you about a possible body restoration (my car not me). Paul in Indiana


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Ron T and I will be there Thursday am.Picking up Bob with 2 B's From Niagera on the lake
I am Bringing my Fibreglass bodied Amphicar For all to see and Test drive.Then sign the primered body somewhere(along with Mary Wilson of the SUPREME's)
Many updated things done to it that Should have been done on the assembly line. Easy acces to rear seat,Front hood stays open without the prop rod. etc.
Ron is Bringing all my Parts Stock of coarse.
I just got a Amphicar in my shop with a interesting History,
A fellow from Owan Sound Ont. (Paul) owns it. His Father bought it new in 1964. It was parked in 1970 and arived here with 40 years of dust on it.1000 miles on odomiter.Step one is to get it roadworthy again then back in the water. only rust is the rear Quarters. we'll tackle that later.Changing out Wheel cly. ect. now will post a pick when Wheels are back on, Oh yes the spare still has the knobs on the tire. otheres are cracked of coarse.100_2898.JPG