Just wanted to thank everyone for the rides and good company in Celina. :)
:) The kids really enjoyed it. Thanks Roger and Chad.
I was able to pick up some much needed parts at the swap meet...so hopefully We will have our Amphi there next year.;) (I know, I said that last year)
This is a great group of people and in time I hope to be able to make it to more of the Swim-ins.


Amphicar Expert
With six girls to raise were happy to just have you come with your family,with general attendace down you at least raise the number of people at our meets.Overall the swin in was a very good meet with plenty to keep busy at. I talked to Hugh on Monday and he was quite happy with sales and has said he will be back for 2013, as will I.
Im getting ready now for the Boston swim in in just a few more weeks.
This is sounding like a well planned swin in with lots of places to go swim , eat and (frolic) oww.(there even plans to do$%&WOW&%%again)(were not allowed to tell you,).if you have come before you know what im not saying....If you have never been you SHOULD COME!
I hope to have the new guage repair kits by then,I did a speedo face test yesterday. and I Have found a place in Quebec I plan to check on the way to(More on that later)