Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
Due to a favorite Niece wedding , We will not be going to Celina. So if one of You would kindly flip off the water Nazi's for Me I would appreciate.:005: I was looking forward to seeing a different lake. We have had some of the BEST times in Celina. How cool was the drive in? How about setting up for those fabulous group shots? Nearly sinking in front of 10,000-yea baby! Fireworks while sitting in car ! Duck Farts ! Pouring the Women out of the Mexican place! The Country Singer purrrrr. Parking lots! Land record for most people in a car on land ! Then in water w/Billy Syxx. Me,Poda,Three Hotties then a big wave on shore to Margie! Test tube shots! Telling a 100 year old don't worry its supposed to leak! Drive thru liqour barns ! List goes on and on and on.....Viva Celina!!