Doug Parsons

Hi All My Amphibian friends,

What a great time we had although dampened by the weather everything
turned out great.

Some Highlights:

Roger Salee's 2 cylinder margaritta mixer

Al Heaths Bull Horns and Debras Mermaid outfits

Al Heaths 45 mph entries after a few beverages at 2 in the morning

Billy Syx

Billy Syx

Dave the Wave

Dave the Wave

Talking to Hugh Gordon without paying Long distance charges

The eagles

the town going out of there way time and time again

Many more adventures to be described


Karl Vacek

Wasn't there going to be an Amphicar Club reorganization meeting at Celina?
If it occurred, what were the results? Thanks!

Karl Vacek
Blue '64

Eric Mattlin

I just made my reservations for Celina. I'll be at the Comfort Inn. From
the looks of things it appears that we should consider moving to someplace
with more hotel rooms for the '02 swim-in. It will be difficult for the
meet to grow much more than last year if there isn't any space. I know
almost bailed but decided to try the Comfort Inn which I detest as they are
price gouging that weekend. If they had been booked I would have popped in
for Saturday but without my car.

David Derer

I just found it! You will have to find it your self though. "Free the
nude passion slaves of the nazi hell ship" I am going to hardware store
now for some extra extension cords! Viva Celina. Hint look under Celina
2001 at club page. Viva Celina! Later Dave the Wave

David Derer

Hey Prez how many preregistrations? I keep finding people that are
planning on going with a car for the first time. What is your gut
feeling? 40-50-60-70-80-770 Amphicars? Hey Doug any sneak previews of
shirt design? Favorite is the race across the lake shirt starting from
parking lot. Hey Bilgemaster how about some water proof translation
signs. Like, Hey Franz how about a beer while your up? No no no not on
the car the can is that way. Oh thats ok its Hughs car. Later Dave the
Wave. Viva Celina!

Bill Connelly

[...snip!] Hey Bilgemaster how about some water proof translation
signs. Like, Hey Franz how about a beer while your up? No no no not on
the car the can is that way. Oh thats ok its Hughs car. Later Dave the
Wave. Viva Celina!


GERMAN: Sag' mal Franzi, da du sowieso noch stehen kannst, warum schnallst
du mir nicht noch ein Bierchen.

SOUNDS LIKE: Zahg mahl Frant-see, dah doo zow-vee-zow nok shtay-hen kanst,
va-room shnahlst doo meer nisht nok ey-en beer-shen.

TRANSLATION: Yo Franz-Baby, since you can still stand anyhow, why don't you
grab me another Beer-ling.

GERMAN: Naja...Es tut mir tierisch leid wegen deines Hotelzimmers. Wer
wusste ja schon, dass bloss ein Dutzend oder so Enten so eine Schweinerei
veranstalten konnte?

SOUNDS LIKE: Nah-Yah...Ess toot meer teer-ish lite vay-gen dine-es
hoe-tell-tzim-ers. Vehr voos-te yah shone, dass bloss ine doot-zend ode-air
zoe en-ten zoe ine-eh shvine-er-eye fer-ahn-shtal-ten kon-teh?

TRANSLATION: Wow...I am just hugely sorry about your Hotel room...Who the
hell knew that just a dozen or so ducks could make such a damn mess?

Ken ''KD'' Roy

Celina-Bound Amphis.
I have another change of plans which may allow me to get to Celina.
I'll be bringing my white 67 along with a bunch of extra parts to
sell. If all goes well, I'll see you all down there.
I'll be in the Kozy Kampground #12c, behind the barn.
If anyone else is there, stop by & say hi.
Ken Roy

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Ken ''KD'' Roy

What a great weekend in Celina.
I've never been to a town with such friendly people.
This is the 1st parade I've been in where people threw candy to us,
along with 1 pair of large women's panties.
I want to thank everyone who bought parts from me,
& everyone else I met.
It was nice putting faces with names, finally.
Till next year, or next event...............Ken Roy Oakdale MN

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If any one is interested in a caravan from Wisconsin to Celina please contact
me off list so we can make arrangements. I plan on leaving Thursday am so I
can get through Chicago after rush hour. AAA shows 313 miles from Milwaukee
to Celina.
Tim Wick

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Marc Schlemmer

....yes, Bill is 100% right. "Official" registration begins at 3:00 pm on
Friday at CJ's Highmarks restaurant, but rolling into town earlier won't be
a mistake. There will be plenty to do!

Bill mentioned parking the RV at the Eagles. That might be a problem
because the Eagles has several hundred boats going in and out of the water
on Saturday during the day, and their lot is a mad house. That is why if
you ever look at planned activities in past Celina outings, there is never
anything at the Eagles for the Amphicars during the day on Saturday.
Now the evenings are another matter. Amphicars are the main attraction at
the Eagles then.
In any case, my point is that maybe there isn't room in their lot on
Saturday for your RV. There is, however, another big lot across the road
from the Eagles, behind the Comfort Inn. My guess is that would be okay,
and better than the Wal-Mart. Quite a few folks are staying at the Kozy
Kampground. That might be a fun place to rest your head as well. They have
a ramp there, too.

Speaking of Wal-Mart....anyone who has a truck and trailer that they've
hauled Amphi on....there is parking in the Wal-Mart lot for them. Just park
out toward the end of the lot. You'll see other trailers there. Aren't
sure where Wal-Mart is? Well, you can't miss it as you come into town from
the East. It is on the east end of the town, right off the main road.

- it won't be long, now!
Marc Schlemmer.


--- In amphicar-lovers@y..., "Marc Schlemmer" <mschlem@a...> wrote:
> There is, however, another big lot across the road
> from the Eagles, behind the Comfort Inn. My guess is that would be
> and better than the Wal-Mart
> Marc Schlemmer.

The big lot behind Comfort Inn sounds dandy as well.

Chris Skeeles


I did the same thing yesterday can't wait to get there.t.w.


Just for fun and interest, we went to our Internet browser home page
and typed in Celina, Ohio.
There is a lot to look at about this little town.
Marty & Caryl

Michael Echemann

We just rolled into home a hour or so ago and Chris and I would like to say
thanks to all the nice friends we had and met this year at Celina. It's the
people who make this event so much fun. Amphicar owners are the best folks
you'll find anywhere. The whole weekend was great. More people are showing up
earlier in the week and I guess there was at least 20 cars there early on
Thursday. All the cars looked great too.

The whole weekend was nice. The registration get together, car show, swap
meet,parade with huge amounts of people, banquet and fireworks over the lake
were all great. Driving home was a bit of a challenge. Next year if I attend
the Sun morning tech session (Billy Syx gave an excellent seminar on electrical
issues and troubleshooting) I promised myself I'll get to bed earlier
(impossible) so I can drive home easier.

Thanks to all who attended and made it such a great weekend. If you couldn't
make it you were missed and hope you can come next year.


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Made it home about 11:00 p. m Sunday night. We had a late start because we
really did not have to be back by Monday. Also staying up till 4:30 a.m.
Saturday drinking beer and talking in the parking lot might have had
something to do with it. Anyway, a big thank you to all of the board members
and their spouses for the excellent time you gave us. I could not imagine an
event like this running so smooth. You did an excellent job. What great fun
it was to meet so many people most for the first time. We are looking
forward till next year. Start the count down!
Tim Wick
white early 63

Ken ''KD'' Roy

Does anyone know the history of when & why we picked Celina as
our gathering spot??
Till later.....
Ken Roy

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Fw: Celina

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Heres a Action Pict of Celina 2002,,Hope you like it ,Russ

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Dave Derer

I can not wait to do Celina! So much to do. Need to install the tall
seats. Order Candy for parade. Find some yellow shirts. Hide the bottle
of tookillya. Buy the 12 volt blender. upgrade life insurance. Amphipoda
is bringing his car and now its my turn to be passenger! Hey Poda is
this door locked? Hey Poda lets yell at those blondes and flip off thier
boy friends in Your car! Yea lets try to parallel your car between
pontoon boats. Lets try that beach landing!

Later Dave the Wave Viva Celina!!!

Gord Souter

Is there anyone from Ontario going to Celina?
GORD Souter

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Dave Derer

A mere 24 hours away from start of trip. I am never truly ready. Still
looking for a boat seat swivel. Some easy parts are hard to come by in
corn country. Time to drill some holes in engine cover to mount seat
platforms. I want to be comfy watching fireworks Friday night. Every
one I have talked is pumped. Dash plaques are looking great. Viva
Celina! Dave the Wave