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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Arthur Skuja, Aug 2, 2000.

  1. Arthur Skuja

    Arthur Skuja Guest

    It was nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new people. The swim in
    was great - a police escort to the events, the goody bag, the swim in pins,
    the technical session... Marc did a great job organizing things!

    Just wanted to send a special thanks all of you who helped out getting my
    brakes fixed Friday afternoon!

    I was having trouble with the brakes sticking on the rear right wheel. Hugh
    was able to diagnose the problem (clogged brake line) without even looking
    at car and sold me the parts to fix it in the parking lot out of the back of
    his van (Yes this was the first time I have ever bought anything out of the
    back of a van in a parking lot). As soon as I had my Amphi up on a jack it
    was like a signal and people started to gather around to help. With
    everyone's help (especially Nick's) I was back on the road quickly.


    Arthur Skuja
    Red 62 (White Fins)
    Ottawa Ontario Canada

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